Maria Delgado

Executive Director, Space Planning

Maria Delgado

As the executive director of space planning, Maria Delgado has been a pivotal team member of the Columbia University Irving Medical Center campus community for 50 years. 

Maria manages the efficient use of spaces around campus to better support the medical center’s academic, research, and clinical efforts. She oversees space rentals and internal leases, drafts and negotiates space contracts and agreements associated with University and/or NewYork-Presbyterian space, and maintains all of CUIMC’s floorplans, comprising approximately 28 acres of space owned by Columbia University, NewYork-Presbyterian, New York State, and New York City agencies. She also participates in various CUIMC and NYP-related space committees.

Maria received both a master’s degree in public health and a bachelor’s degree in writing and literature from Columbia University. 

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