Classroom Technology and Equipment

eRoom Equipment and Capabilities

Many of the rooms we manage have a standard equipment set-up. We call these eRooms. Each eRoom contains the following:

  • Data Projector
  • Audio System
  • Internet-connected Windows 10 Computer (see the list of installed software for more details)
  • HDMI cable to connect an HDMI-enabled laptop*
  • VGA with audio cable to connect to a VGA-enabled laptop*
  • Crestron Touch Panel. This panel controls all of the equipment. To play DVDs or CDs, please insert the disc in the podium computer’s disc drive and select PC when prompted on the touch panel. 

*Are you using a Mac? Anyone connecting a Mac computer must bring their own adapter if the Mac does not have a standard HDMI or VGA port. 

Follow these podium instructions to use the Crestron touch panel control system. Some rooms in the Hammer Lower Levels and the Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center also offer Collaborative Classroom technology.

Our list of available rooms indicates which rooms are eRooms.


View the standard software installed on room computers on the CUIMC IT website.

Equipment Use Policy

  • A/V support from outside vendors is not allowed on the CUIMC campus.
  • Anyone using one of our rooms is expected to be able to operate the equipment, or have a TA that is familiar with equipment available to assist them.
    Follow our online instructions to view how to use the podium or learn how to request training or arrange for one of our technicians to oversee a non-classroom event by emailing
  • Use the computing and audio/visual equipment carefully and do not tamper with any security ties or logins.
    To prevent accidental damage, we also ask that anyone using electronic equipment keep food and drink on a separate table or area where a spill is less likely to reach any part of the equipment.
  • Immediately report any problems associated with the equipment in rooms.
    You can find a beige phone located next to each classroom podium that dials 5-Help directly as a priority call. Please try to stay on the line with 5-Help if they are attempting to reach a Classroom Coordinator or technician for support; often the technician will be able to provide instructions over the phone that can immediately resolve the issue. You can also call 212-305-3255 for support.
  • Verify that any equipment is turned off when not in use.
    Podium and Audio Visual equipment should be turned off via the touch panel only. View our instructions.
  • Do not take any equipment off campus.