Echo360 Lecture Recordings

What is Echo360?

Echo360 is the lecture capture program used in most of the rooms we manage. 

We offer two types of recording options:

  • Event Recordings: For any events held within our classrooms that need to be recorded can be requested through our online request form: Request Event Recording
  • Course Lecture Recordings: All schools within CUIMC schedule and manage their own course lecture recordings and can request to have their classes recorded by reaching out to their course administrators or email us if you need assistance finding who your administrator is.

Get started: Request Echo360 recording.

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Package Rate
20 or more events per year $2,732
Retained for one year on CUIMC IT servers
Single event (max four hours) $137 (up to four hours)
Editing recordings $117 per hour
Technician assistance during start-up $127
Rush fee (applies to requests made less than one week in advance) $119

How to Request Echo360 Recording


Requests for recording a lecture or presentation must be submitted in advance via our online form.

  • Recording requests must be made at least one week in advance.
  • Last minute requests are allowed subject to availability, and must be requested at least one business day in advance. A rush fee of $119 will apply.
  • Requested recordings will automatically be available for you in CourseWorks at the end of the day. 
  • Course lecture recordings are archived and removed three years after the semester during which they were recorded. Special event recordings are removed one year after the event. To extend beyond these times, please contact us at least one month before the scheduled removal. You can also download and save your recording.

The rooms listed below offer either Appliance Capture (the podium computer screen and video of the instruction area/front of the room) or Classroom Capture (podium computer screen only). Audio for both is recorded via an embedded microphone at the podium; to be sure your presentation audio is clearly recorded, please stand near the podium when speaking.

Rooms that are not on the list do not have Echo360 recording capabilities.

Rooms with Recording Capabilities

Appliance Capture: Full Video, Audio, and Computer Screen Capture

  • Alumni Auditorium
  • VP&S Amphitheaters 1 and 5/7
  • Hammer Health Sciences Center
    • Lower Level 1: Rooms 103, 108A, and 109A
    • 2nd Floor: Rooms 201, 203, 204, 205, 208A, and 209A
    • 3rd Floor: Rooms 301, 312, and 401
  • Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center
    • Wu Auditorium 201
    • 4th Floor: Rooms 401, 404, and 405
    • 9th Floor: Rooms 902 and 903
    • 12th Floor: Rooms 1202 and 1203
    • 13th Floor: Rooms 1302 and 1303
    • 14th Floor: Rooms 1402 and 1403
  • Russ Berrie 1 and 2

Classroom Capture: Audio and Computer Screen Capture only

  • Hammer Health Sciences Center:
    • Lower Level 1: Rooms 107, 108B, 109B, and 110
    • 2nd Floor: Rooms 202, 207, 210, 208B, and 209B
    • 3rd Floor: Rooms 303 and 305

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I do anything on the recording day?

You do not need to do anything. Based on the capture option you chose, the system will record the event automatically from the time you booked for the event through to the end. If you require technician assistance during start up, you can request it (additional fees will apply as noted in our rates). Recording is done automatically in four-hour blocks. Last minute changes to the recording time are not possible. So, please plan ahead for coffee or lunch breaks and follow the schedule.

When can I see my recording?

Special event and lecture recordings are made available to you via a link to the file on our servers, usually within 24 business hours

Can I request a recording of a single event?

Yes, you can request to record a single event. However, it is more cost-effective to record a series of events. Please see rates to compare the cost of single events to series of events.

Can I edit the content of the recording?

Yes, you can edit the recording. However, editing access is only possible for up to six months after the recording was captured. If you would like assistance with editing, we can provide it for an hourly fee.

How long are recordings available?

Special events are available for approximately one year; course lecture recordings from three years prior are removed every summer. For example, in summer 2015, we removed course recordings captured in 2012. To extend beyond this time, please contact us at least one month before the end of this time period.

What if I forgot to book a recording?

Recording requests must be made at least one week in advance.

Last minute requests are allowed subject to availability, and must be requested at least one business day in advance. A rush fee will apply. We can only accommodate such requests if your event does not conflict with an already reserved event from another department.

Personal Capture for Echo360

Computers that have webcam and microphone hardware installed can set up Personal Capture to record a presentation from the computer and have it published via the CUIMC Echo360 system. Computers can download, install, and configure Personal Capture. Please note, to publish a recording you must also have an Echo360 account.

For other systems or additional questions, please contact