Apply for On-Campus Housing

We offer on-campus singles and couples housing for full-time students studying at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Before filling out this application, take a moment to check out our on-campus residences and campus map.

  • All housing assignments and occupancy agreements are for the entire 2023-2024 academic year (or designated occupancy agreement terms issued to you). 
  • We accept housing application throughout the year and will offer a residence based on current availability. 
  • A housing application is only valid only for the year for which it was originally submitted (i.e. 2023 - 2024). Students who do not receive housing, or decide to defer admission, must submit a new housing application for future years.
  • Students who decide to cancel their on-campus housing while still under their occupancy agreement term are subject to cancellation fees. Learn more.

Introduction to the CUIMC Housing Portal


How to Apply for On-Campus Housing

Preparing to Apply

Logging onto our Housing Portal for the First Time

  • Navigate to our Housing Portal.
  • Click on Resident Login, located in the center banner at the top of the webpage.   
  • Select Login with One Time Use Code from the Authentication drop-down menu and click Continue.   
  • Enter your non-CUIMC email that is on file with your housing application form and click Save & Continue.  
  • Check your personal email account for an email from the Office of Housing Services; click the link in the email to automatically sign in to the housing portal.

Completing Your Housing Application

  • Select the annual housing period for which you are applying.
  • Complete the appropriate information that best describes you, and click Save & Continue at the bottom of each page.
  • Enter your your emergency contact information; you will not be able to continue with the application without providing this information.
  • Select your preferred housing arrangements, ranking your preferences (1 = most desirable).
  • All new housing students pay a $30 non-refundable application fee during the application process.

How to Select Your Space

Review Important Dates & Deadlines

  • Review the application timeline for prospective residents and the application timeline for current students to ensure you don't miss your selection window.
  • If you don't participate in the self-selection process, our office will provide you with a housing offer. See "How to View Your Housing Offer" below.

Access Times

  • For current students wanting to move apartments and for all new students, a special access time will be given for you to access the self-selection feature in the housing portal.
  • During your access time, you will be able to see available apartment and bedroom spaces to choose from. Room details in the self-selection system include amenities, floor plans, and current suitemate information.

Searching & Confirming Placement

  • You will be able to filter available spaces by building, roomtype, and other amenities. Once you select a unit, you will be able to place yourself in a specific bedroom.
  • If you are a part of a suitemate group, you will be able to place other members of your suitemate group in other bedrooms within the apartment.
  • Once you confirm placement, you will be directed to complete the necessary agreements and paperwork, including payment of your $500 commitment fee (new students only) via credit card

How to View Your Housing Offer

Receiving Your Offer

  • If you choose not to self-select your housing, we will send you an offer to live on campus via email using both their CUIMC and non-CUIMC emails on file. Be sure to regularly check the emails you provided.
  • Once an offer is made, you will have 3 days to accept the offer and pay a $500 housing commitment fee. The $500 commitment fee will be applied to your first month's housing charge. The commitment fee is non-refundable if you cancel housing within 30 days of your scheduled move-in date and 50% refundable if you cancel more than 30 days before your scheduled move-in date.   

Logging Into the Housing Portal

  • To log back into the housing portal to review your housing assignment documents or future communications from our office, follow the same steps listed above.

Accepting Your Offer

  • Once logged into the Housing Portal, select Housing Offer Acceptance Forms and begin the process to view your housing assignment offer and make your decision.  
  • ​Complete all the necessary paperwork and pay your $500 commitment fee (new students only) via credit card. 
  • Carefully review the occupancy agreement terms and conditions and provide your electronic signature. Residents are liable for all financial fees associated with the agreement.  
  • You are expected to maintain residency requirements each semester and meet all financial obligations with the university. Mid-year/semester cancellations will be held to the cancellation policy found within your occupancy agreement. 
  • At the conclusion of your housing offer acceptance forms, you will be able to view your suitemates (if applicable to your unit). To contact your suitemates for the first time, please utilize the message link to contact them. Communications will be sent to their housing portal messages until you decide to contact them via their personal emails. 

Declining Your Offer

  • Once logged into the Housing Portal, select Agreements & Paperwork and begin the process to view your housing assignment offer and make your decision.  
  • Select the “Decline” option and include a reason for declining the room assignment.
  • If you are interested in living on campus in the future, housing will not be guaranteed and you will need to submit another housing application