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Columbia University Irving Medical Center provides equal access for students, staff, visitors, and patients traveling to and around our campus.

Below, you can learn more about campus initiatives and recent improvements led by CUIMC Facilies Management and Campus Services and NewYork-Presbyterian.

For additional information, visit Disability Services.

Campus Initiatives

The Disability Access and Accommodations Committee works to increase accessibility on campus. In addition to overseeing efforts to remove physical barriers, the committee promotes equality and diversity, education on legal and other requirements, and the integration of accessibility into business practices.

Recent Enhancements

  • The recently completed Knowledge Center Expansion is compliant with ADA guidelines regarding design elements, space requirements, furnishings, and lighting. 
  • The front entrance of the Russ Berrie Medical Science Pavilion was recently updated. The door's threshold height was leveled and adjusted to meet ADA requirements and repairs were made to the automated door.
  • As part of the Towers Modernization Project, all the Towers now feature ADA-compliant smoke and CO detectors.

Accessible Transportation Options

Shuttle Buses

Columbia University provides a network of shuttle buses connecting its campuses. Shuttle service is available free of charge to all University affiliates with valid University ID. All shuttles are wheelchair accessible.

Vertical Transportation

There are wheelchair lifts on campus that are exclusively designated for disability access. Prior authorization is required to use these lifts. Students should contact Disability Services, faculty and staff should contact HR Disability Benefits, and visitors should contact Public Safety for authorization.

Frequently Asked Questions​

How do I know where the accessible routes and entrances are?

Review our campus map and list of building address, accessible interbuilding connections, and access to venues.

I am coming to an event on campus. How do I access Alumni Auditorium (or another venue)?

See our venues list for information about accessible entrances.

Who do students contact for classroom or other academic-related accommodations?

Review our Accessibility in the Classroom resources and reach out to the Office of Disability Services. (If you are a faculty member, please refer your students to Disability Services.)

I plan to live on campus. Can I arrange for disability accommodations in my housing?

Yes. Learn more about disability accommodations in housing..

If I need a workplace accommodation, whom do I contact?

If you have a need resulting from a permanent or temporary medical condition, the CUHR Leave Management Office can assist. Review how to request a workplace accommodation.

Can I request a tour of accessible spaces and routes?

Campus access tours are available upon request from Disability Services. These tours will be designed to meet your specific access needs. If you need to schedule an access tour and have specific questions about accessibility at CUIMC, contact Disability Services or Public Safety. If you need accommodations for a University event or activity, contact the host program.

I want to make sure my event is accessible. What can I do?

Review our campus map for guidance regarding venue accessibility and check out our accessibility in the classroom resources.

Contact Us

Email Your message will be reviewed by CUIMC representatives of disability access and accommodations.

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