Student Mail and Package Center


CUIMC has a new Student Mail and Package Center, located on the first floor of Tower 1 at 60 Haven Ave.

All incoming mail and packages for residential CUIMC students will be received at this new location for pickup.


Picking up your mail and/or packages

  1. Upon receipt of mail or a package, the Student Mail Center sends the recipient an email notification indicating the pick-up location.
  2. Bring your CUIMC ID for identity verification.
  3. Recipient picks up mail/package from the Student Mail Center.
  4. The Student Mail Center clerk will scan the mail/package out of the system and the recipient scans their ID one more time to confirm pickup and sign out the pacakge.

Where is the new mailroom and package center located for residential students?

The new mailroom and package center is located in Tower 1 at 60 Haven Ave.

What are the hours of operations for the mailroom and package center?

Monday to Friday:   10:00am to 7:00pm

Saturday:  10:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 6:00pm. 

Extended hours will be forthcoming later in the semester as we work on additional hiring for the team. 

When should I visit the mailroom/package center to pick up my items?

Please only arrive to our mailroom/package center when you receive an email from us indicating that you have something to pick up.   Even if the delivery vendor alerts you that your item was delivered, it still takes us time to sort and scan your items into our room. 

When will the overnight package lockers be available for use?

The overnight locker system to pick up packages should be available by October as we finalize the system integration.   We will send an email announcement when the locker service is available and how to request one.

How am I notified if I have mail or a package for pick up?

Once the staff receives and sorts your mail or packages it will be entered into our system which sends you an email immediately that you have either mail OR a package to pick up.

Will there be bins available for me to transport my large packages?

Yes, bins will be located at the Tower 1 lobby for you to use.  We kindly ask that you return the bin to Tower 1 so other residents can utilize the bins.

How do I contact the Student Mail Center?

You can contact the Student Mail Center directly at 212-305-0168 or by email at

Do I need to change my address?

Yes, we would like you to change your address and use the new address for the mailroom/package center.  During this transition the USPS will automatically transition their route with your old address to bring mail and packages to the new address and mailroom location.  The faster you can change your address the faster we will receive your mail and packages to process at the new address.   As a reminder, the new address for ALL residential students is:

60 Haven Ave
NY, NY 10032

Will my packages be accepted by the Door Attendants in the Towers?

No, the Door Attendants in the Towers will no longer accept packages on your behalf.  Depending of the delivery of the item to the old address, the Door Attendant may secure the package until the next business day to have the package processed in the new mailroom/package center. 

What will happen to my packages that were received prior to the launch of the new mailroom/package center?

Your old packages that were not picked up at your building location were moved to the new mailroom/package center. When we received they were scanned into the system and you should have  received a notification of this package to pick up.

What will happen to the current mail in my mailbox in the Towers?

The current mail in your Towers mailboxes will remain as is.  We encourage you to clean out your mailboxes timely as the old mailbox locations will be decommissioned in a few weeks and removed.

Can I still have my takeout food deliveries delivered to my building?

Yes, takeout food deliveries can be delivered to your building’s lobby.  You will continue to meet the delivery person in the lobby to accept your food order. 

Where will my fresh groceries, meal kits, etc be delivered to and what address should I use?

For the time being, these type of items can still be delivered to your physical address and lobby.  No other deliveries will be accepted at the lobbies besides these items. 

What is the difference between my physical address and my mailing address?

For physical address verifications, you can log onto the Housing Portal and print a verification of your physical address.   Your mailing address of 60 Haven Ave, NY, NY 10032, will only be used for mailing and delivery of items.