Space Reservations

We manage a select list of available rooms, including auditoriums, classrooms, and conference areas, at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. (Any rooms not included in this list are managed by other departments or groups.)

Our most popular spaces include the following:

  • Alumni Auditorium
  • Hammer Health Sciences Center
    • LL1 and LL2 (Teaching and Learning Center)
    • Floor 3
    • Floor 4
  • Russ Berrie Medical Science Pavilion
    • Rooms 1 and 2
    • Amphitheaters 1 and 7

While rooms in the Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center are scheduled through our 25Live Pro reservation system, our team does not schedule or set policies for these rooms. Questions? Please contact

How to Reserve a Space

How can I book a space?

All reservation requests for rooms we manage must be submitted via 25Live Pro.

In order to use 25Live Pro, you must attend a mandatory one-hour training session. If you don’t regularly place reservation requests as part of your job duties, please ask a colleague in your department or group that already has a login to place the request on your behalf.

When can I book a space?

Academic Requests

We prioritize scheduling space for academic use (courses listed in the Columbia University Directory of Classes). During designated scheduling periods, schools and course directors may submit scheduling requests directly to; classroom assignments are based on class size and technology needs. For questions about this process, please email

Special Events and Non-Academic Requests

Reservations for special events and other non-academic functions may only be submitted after academic course scheduling has been completed for each scheduling period. See our chart below to determine when you can make your request:

When will your event take place? You can submit your space request via 25Live Pro starting on…
January through May 2024 Monday, October 16, 2023
June through the third week in August 2024 Monday, April 8, 2024 ( 8 a.m.)
The fourth week in August through December 2024 Monday, May 20, 2024 (8 a.m.)

Please submit your request via 25Live Pro at least 72 business hours in advance. 

Special Booking Restrictions

  • Study Spaces. All classrooms can be used for study with the exception of the auditoriums. Study groups must adhere to our policy for classroom usage.
  • Catered events are not permitted in Hammer Health Sciences Center LL103, LL203, LL204, and LL205.