Getting to and Around Campus

Thousands of people visit Columbia University Irving Medical Center each day to work, learn, and receive high-quality health care. Explore the many options below. A valid CUIMC or NYP identification is required to enter many of our spaces; some areas have even more restricted access. Students and employees should be sure to carry identification at all times. Learn about ID cards and access on the Public Safety website.

How to Use the Interactive Map: Click the icon at the top left of the map to open up additional layers of the map, including on-campus residences, gender-inclusive restrooms, and sustainable resources spread throughout the campus.

You can also print your own campus map (.pdf).

Campus Map

Navigating Access on Campus

Review the following information for the addresses of locations, accessible routes through our buildings, and access to our venues. Learn more about our various accessibility initiatives. For additional information, visit Disability Services.

Building Addresses

  • 154 Haven Ave. Residence
    154 Haven Ave.
  • 390 Fort Washington Ave. Residence
    390 Fort Washington Ave.
  • 51 Audubon Ave.
    51 Audubon Ave.
  • Allan Rosenfield Building/Mailman School of Public Health
    722 W. 168th St.
  • 50 Haven Ave.​
    50 Haven Ave.
  • Columbia University School of Nursing Building
    560 W. 168th St.
  • ColumbiaDoctors | Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Group
    516 W. 168th St.
  • Edge Hotel
    514 W. 168th St.
  • Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute Annex
    160 Fort Washington Ave.
  • Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute
    635 W. 165th St.
  • Georgian Building
    617 W. 168th St.
  • Hammer Health Sciences Center
    701 W. 168th St.
  • Harkness Pavilion
    180 Fort Washington Ave.
  • Herbert Irving Pavilion
    161 Fort Washington Ave.
  • Herbert Pardes Building of the New York State Psychiatric Institute
    1051 Riverside Dr.
  • Irving Cancer Research Center
    1130 St. Nicholas Ave.
  • Mary Woodard Lasker Biomedical Research Building
    3960 Broadway
  • Milstein Hospital Building
    177 Fort Washington Ave.
  • Neurological Institute of New York
    710 W. 168th St.
  • New York State Psychiatric Institute-Kolb Research Building
    40 Haven Ave.
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Adult Emergency Entrance
    3985 Broadway
  • NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital (CHONY)
    3959 Broadway
  • NYC Department of Health
    600 W. 168th St.
  • Presbyterian Building
    622 W. 168th St.
  • Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center
    104 Haven Ave.
  • Russ Berrie Medical Science Pavilion/AIM Clinic
    1150 St. Nicholas Ave.
  • Service Building
    627 W. 165th St.
  • Tower 1
    60 Haven Ave.
  • Towers 2 and 3
    100 Haven Ave.
  • Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (VP&S) Building
    630 W. 168th St.
  • Vanderbilt Clinic/College of Dental Medicine
    622 W. 168th St.
  • Vivian and Seymour Milstein Family Heart Center
    173 Fort Washington Ave.
  • William Black Building
    650 W. 168th St.

Interbuilding Connections

When traveling from one building to another, you can follow these accessible routes:

  • Eye Research Annex, 1st, 2nd, and 5th Floors – Eye Institute, 1st, 2nd, and 5th Floors
  • Milstein Hospital Building, 3rd Floor – Neurological Institute, 5th Floor
  • Milstein Family Heart Center, 1st-6th Floors – Milstein Hospital Building, 1st-6th Floors
  • Presbyterian Building, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th Floors – Harkness Pavilion
  • Presbyterian Building, 2nd, 5th, and 12th Floors – CHONY North, 2nd, 5th, and 12th Floors

These routes also exist but are not necessarily accessible:

  • Milstein Hospital Building, 1st Floor – New York State Psychiatric Institute, Pardes Building, 6th Floor
  • Milstein Hospital Building, 10th Floor – Harkness Pavilion, 11th Floor
  • Milstein Hospital Building, 3rd Floor – William Black Building, 3rd Floor
  • Presbyterian Building, 10th Floor – CHONY North, 10th Floor
  • Presbyterian Building, 5th, 7th-12th, 14th-17th, and 19th Floors – VP&S Building
  • Herbert Irving Pavilion, 1st, 5th, and 6th Floors – Milstein Hospital Building, LL, 3rd, and 4th Floors
  • Lawrence C. Kolb Building, Lobby Level – New York State Psychiatric Institute, Pardes Building, 6th Floor
  • Vanderbilt Clinic, 2nd-5th Floors – VP&S Building
  • Vanderbilt Clinic, 7th-12th and 14th and 15th Floors – VP&S Building

Venue Access

The following venues are accessible via the denoted entrances:

  • Alumni Auditorium
    650 W. 168th St. entrance
  • Allan Rosenfield Building Auditorium, 722 W. 168th St. (8th Floor)
    Accessible via lift at front entrance. Assistance from Public Safety required.
  • 50 Haven Ave. Dining Hall, 50 Haven Ave.
    Accessible via entrance at 60 Haven Ave.; elevator down to LL1
  • 50 Haven Ave. Athletic Center, 50 Haven Ave.
    Accessible via entrance at 60 Haven Ave.; elevator down to LL3
  • 50 Haven Ave.​ Lounge and Recovery Room, 50 Haven Ave.
    Accessible via entrance at 60 Haven Ave.
  • Barnes & Noble, 711 W. 168th St.
    Accessible via the main entrance on Haven Ave. There are accessible restrooms. The Staff can operate a lift if you want to access the retail area, which is half a level up.
  • Faculty Club, 630 W. 168th St. (4th Floor, VP&S Building)
    Accessible from the William Black Building, 650 West 168th St.; elevator to the 4th floor
  • Hammer Health Sciences Center Auditorium, 701 West 168th St.
    Floors 3 and 4 are accessible from the northeast entrance of the Hammer Building. Auditorium is accessible from the south entrance.
  • Hammer Teaching & Learning Center, 701 W. 168th St. (LL1 and LL2)
    Entrance at 168th St. and Haven Ave.
  • Irving Cancer Research Center Meeting Rooms 1 and 2, 1130 St. Nicholas Ave.(Lobby Level)
    Accessible from St. Nicholas Ave. entrance
  • Kolb Auditorium (1st Floor, NYS Psychiatric Institute), 40 Haven Ave.
    Accessible from the Haven Ave. entrance
  • New Balance Track and Field Center, 216 Fort Washington Ave. (Armory)
    Accessible via Fort Washington Ave. entrance
  • VP&S Amphitheater, 630 W. 168th St.
    Floors 1, 5, and 7 are accessible from the William Black Building, 650 W. 168th St.
  • Vagelos Education Center Milstein Family Lobby (1st Floor)
    Accessible via entrance at 104 Haven Ave.
  • Vagelos Education Center Clyde and Helen Wu Auditorium (2nd and 3rd Floors)
    Accessible via entrance at 104 Haven Ave.
  • Vagelos Education Center Room 401/Jaharis Conference Center (4th Floor)
    Accessible via entrance at 104 Haven Ave.
  • Vagelos Education Center Student Commons (10th Floor)
    Accessible via entrance at 104 Haven Ave.
  • Windows-on-the-Hudson Restaurant/Milstein Hospital Building, 177 Fort Washington Ave. (9th Floor)
    Accessible via Fort Washington Ave. entrance

Campus Tips

Where to Eat and Meet

  • Au Bon Pain Locations: The bakery and café chain has two locations: 1121 St. Nicholas Ave. and in the School of Nursing Building.
  • Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore: Offers coffee, lunch, and snacks, as well as tables and couches where you can eat and relax. The café is part of CUIMC Public Safety's Safe Haven program.
  • Hilltop Perk Café Satellite Locations: Groceries and buffet lunch options are available at the flagship location at 83 Haven Ave. Other Hilltop locations at CUIMC are the first floor of the Black Building, the lobby of Hammer Health Sciences Center, the first floor of the Allan Rosenfield Building, and the first floor of the Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center.
  • The Faculty Club: Offers a daily buffet lunch and an elegant atmosphere for meeting friends and colleagues. Located on the fourth floor of the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons building. Make a lunch reservation.
  • NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital Garden: A peaceful green area good for picnicking or relaxing in mild weather. Enter through the garden's west entrance on Fort Washington Ave. between 167th and 168th Sts., or through one of the surrounding buildings, including the Presbyterian Building and the Children's Hospital.
  • Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center West and South Courtyards: The West Courtyard has benches, greenery, and a lovely view of the Hudson River and the Palisades. Accessible with a CUIMC ID, this garden space is shared by the Vagelos Education Center and Towers 2 and 3. The South Courtyard is a green space open to the public.
  • Farmers Market: The Fort Washington Greenmarket is open during spring, summer, and fall months and located on Fort Washington Ave. between 168th and 169th Sts. Breads, cheeses, fresh produce, and baked goods are available to purchase. There's also a compost drop-off area.

See a list of dining options recommended by NewYork-Presbyterian.

Where to Study

  • Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library: Explore available study spaces or reserve a group study room. See a list of where you can print on campus.
  • 50 Haven Ave.​: When not reserved for events, the 50 Haven Ave. Riverview Lounge is designated a quiet study space.
  • School of Nursing: All CUIMC students are welcome to enter the building and relax in common areas. Students of the School of Nursing can also reserve study spaces on the second and third floors via the 25Live room reservation system.
  • Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center: With a café on the first floor and study spaces throughout the building, this as a hub for students. All CUIMC students with valid ID access are welcome to enter the building and use the common areas, including the Study Cascade that spans the height of the building on the south side. MD and PhD students from the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons also have access to select classrooms reserved for study as well as the 14th floor student lounge.

Where to Get Care

  • ColumbiaDoctors: Top-notch clinical services throughout the CUIMC campus and the New York City area, from midtown Manhattan to Tarrytown, NY.
  • ColumbiaDoctors' Nurse Practitioner Group: Get connected to qualified nurse practitioners.
  • Columbia University College of Dental Medicine: Offers services at its teaching clinics.
  • Student Health Service: If you are a CUIMC student, look to SHS for all your health care needs, including medical services, mental health, the Center for Student Wellness, Addiction Information and Management Strategies (AIMS), and health insurance information.
  • Workforce Health and Safety: CUIMC faculty and staff can use this resource for concerns that may arise during the workday.
    • Harkness Pavilion, 1st floor
      180 Ft. Washington Ave.
      New York, NY 10032
      Phone: 212-305-7590 

Where to Get Fit

  • 50 Haven Ave. Athletic Center: CUIMC’s go-to resource for fitness activities and programs. Membership is open to students and eligible employees. Students can join P&S Club organizations that practice in BAC and sign up for emails from the Center for Student Wellness, which offers yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes in this space.
  • NYP Fitness Center: Located at 627 W. 165th St., this 6,500-square-foot state-of-the-art facility is only open to NewYork-Presbyterian employees and retirees and Columbia University employees, students, and alumni. Membership is $60/month. If you commute by bicycle, you can also purchase a $5 monthly pass to use their showers. For more information, call 212-305-1800 or email