Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Gender-inclusive restroom signage features a gender-inclusive symbol as well as braille. The language reads "All Inclusive Restroom" and "This bathroom is for everyone."

This signage designates gender-inclusive restrooms on the medical center campus.

Columbia University Irving Medical Center's gender-neutral restrooms are available to our community and guests.

For additional University resources for LGBTQ+ students and allies, see the Office of University Life's webpage on Inclusion and Diversity and the Student Health on Haven's resources for LGBTQ+ students and for transgender students.

As we reinvent old spaces and build new ones, Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance and other departments are working together to identify additional gender-inclusive restrooms. Questions? Email Yvonne Wojcicki, executive director for Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance, at

Map of Gender-Neutral Restrooms

154 Haven Ave. Residence

  • 2nd Floor: Two gender-neutral restrooms (right of room 203; opposite room 212)
  • 3rd Floor: Two gender-neutral restrooms (opposite room 201A; opposite room 313)

Allan Rosenfield Building/Mailman School of Public Health
722 W. 168th St.

  • 5th Floor: Two gender-neutral restrooms
  • 6th Floor: Two gender-neutral restrooms
  • 8th Floor: Two gender-neutral restrooms
  • 9th Floor: One gender-neutral restrooms
  • 10th Floor: One gender-neutral restroom
  • 12th Floor: Two gender-neutral restrooms
  • 13th Floor: Two gender-neutral restrooms
  • 17th floor: One gender-neutral restroom
  • ​18th floor: One gender-neutral restroom
  • ​19th floor: One gender-neutral restroom

Alumni Auditorium: Schaefer Awards Gallery
630 W. 168th St.

  • 1st Floor: One gender-neutral restroom

50 Haven Ave. Residence Hall

  • 1st Floor: One gender-neutral restroom

Georgian Building
617 West 168th St.

  • 2nd Floor: Human Resources Suite, Two gender-neutral restrooms
    Please be advised, that access to the area is only available during normal business hours, weekdays, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Hammer Health Sciences Center
701 West 168th St.

  • 3rd Floor: One gender-neutral restroom

Irving Cancer Research Center
1130 St. Nicholas Ave.

  • 1st Floor: Four gender-neutral restrooms

Lasker Biomedical Research Building
3960 Broadway

  • 1st Floor: Two gender-neutral restrooms

Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center
104 Haven Ave.

  • Basement: Two gender-neutral restrooms
  • 2nd Floor: Two gender-neutral restrooms
  • 10th Floor: Two gender-neutral restrooms

Tower 1
60 Haven Ave.

  • 1st Floor: B1, Mailman School of Public Health/ICAP Offices.
    Please be advised, that access to the area is only available during normal business hours.

Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons Building
630 West 168th St.

  • 1st Floor: One gender-neutral restroom
  • 4th Floor: Two gender-neutral restrooms next to Faculty Club
  • 16th Floor: One gender-neutral restroom

William Black Building
650 West 168th St.

  • 11th Floor: One gender-neutral restroom
  • 14th Floor: One gender-neutral restroom
  • 17th Floor: One gender-neutral restroom

School of Nursing
560 W 168th St.

  • 2nd Floor: One gender-neutral restroom
  • 3rd Floor: One gender-neutral restroom
  • 7th Floor: One gender-neutral restroom