Fire Safety

Columbia University Irving Medical Center's fire safety team keeps our community safe from fire. We maintain fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, and fire extinguishers in all campus buildings. We also manage fire and emergency planning, fire drills, fire permits and compliance, hot work, and event fire safety.

Questions or concerns about fire safety at the medical center? Email us at

For fire safety related to labs, as well as research, occupational, environmental, and additional safety resources, see Environmental Health and Safety.

Fire Safety Dispatch: Phone Chargers

shorted out and burned phone charger cable

The phone charger pictured to the right was used with a knock-off cord. The cord overheated, shorted out, and caused a brief electrical fire.

Keep yourself and your colleagues safe. Only purchase electrical products from reputable companies.

For more information, visit the National Fire Protection Association.

Fire Safety Resources

Be Prepared: Know Who to Call


  • CUIMC Public Safety: 212-305-7979
  • Morningside/Manhattanville Public Safety: 212-854-5555
  • To reach the New York City Police and Fire Departments or to request an ambulance, call 911.


CUIMC Campus

  • Facilities Management and Campus Services (any non-urgent questions related to fire safety devices): 212-305-HELP (4357), option 3
  • Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance (questions specific to fire safety): or call a member of our team
  • Environmental Health and Safety: 212-305-6780
  • Public Safety: 212-305-8100

Morningside Campus

  • Facilities: 212-854-2222
  • Fire Safety: 212-854-8518
  • Environmental Health and Safety: 212-854-8749
  • Public Safety: 212-854-2797