Room Policies and Support

Room Use Policy

There are currently no fees for reserving and using standard, in-room equipment provided by Classroom Technology Support. However, all rooms booked are reported back to Columbia Finance for charge back to departments. We ask that you please do not make unnecessary requests.

At the end of your reservation, please take these steps to prepare the room for the next class.

  • The final ten minutes of a reservation period (before the hour or half-hour) must be used to clean up and vacate the room. There may be another class waiting to occupy the room for a lecture.
  • Clean the whiteboards and place chairs and tables in the room’s original order.
  • Do not remove any chairs from the room. To ensure our classrooms are properly equipped, please do not remove chairs.
  • Remove leftovers and garbage.
    • Your organizer must make sure these are removed before leaving the classroom. The academic department is responsible for this task. Special events that require a special clean-up will incur a charge.
    • Our Campus Operations team performs routine custodial maintenance in classrooms only once per weeknight.
  • Leave classroom doors open. Do not lock them.

Room Partitions

  • Hammer Health Sciences Center: If you need the divider wall removed to expand the space, please submit a work order.
  • ​Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center: A weekly schedule is provided to our Campus Operations team so we can coordinate the dividers. If you need a room partition either placed or removed for a special event, you must submit a work order.
  • Russ Berrie Medical Sciences Pavilion: A weekly schedule is provided to our Campus Operations team so we can open and close room dividers as needed.

Need a Fix or a Clean-Up?

Additional Services

CUIMC Facilities oversees cleaning and maintenance for all campus rooms.