Cleaning and Custodial Services and Routines

Offices, Corridors, Restrooms, and Classrooms

Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays, Custodial Services cleans select classrooms and select restrooms, based on location and usage. The main detail cleaning of offices, classrooms, and restrooms occurs Monday through Friday between 4 p.m. and 12:30 a.m.

Custodial Services Routine Cleaning
Empty all trash receptacles, replace liners as necessary Daily (M-F)
Wash all chalkboards and chalk trays and restock chalk Daily (M-F)
Sweep or dry mop hard flooring Daily (M-F)
Sweep and damp mop hard flooring Weekly
Arrange classroom furniture in a neat and orderly fashion Daily (M-F)
Remove finger marks from switch plates, entrances, and doors Weekly
Dust windowsills, doors, railings, and other surfaces within hand-high reach Weekly
Dust all sills, partitions, ledges, and exposed piping Weekly
Damp wipe exterior of waste receptacles Monthly
Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas Weekly
Wipe clean and fill dispensing units with toilet tissue, paper towels, and soap Daily (M-F)
Wash all partitions, and clean all brightwork and dust exhaust vents Weekly


We follow the following routines for floor care. When your space is being cleaned, we encourage you to remove items from the floor to allow us to work thoroughly.

Space Type Carpet Spot Clean Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop Floor Service
Classrooms Twice a month as required Daily Extract carpets (every 18 months)
Refinish floors (every 18 months) 
Clinics and Exam Rooms Daily Daily Buff floors (every six months)
Refinish floors (every 18 months) 
Conference Rooms and Auditoriums Twice a month Daily Extract carpets (every 18 months)
Refinish floors (every 18 months)
Elevators Daily Daily Refinish floors (every 18 months or as required)
Interior/Exterior Stairs N/A Weekly N/A
Kitchens and Lunch Rooms Weekly Daily Buff floors (every three months)
Refinish floors (every 18 months)
Lab Areas Weekly Weekly Refinish floors (every 18 months)
Lobbies, Entrances, and Public Spaces Daily Daily Buff floors (as required)
Refinish floors (every 18 months)
Office and Administrative Areas Weekly Weekly Extract carpets (every 18 months)
Restrooms and Showers Weekly Daily Refinish floors (12-18 months and as required)
Student Lounge and Snack Areas Daily Daily Refinish floors (every 18 months or as required)


There is no cost for routine custodial work. However, a charge may be incurred for additional cleaning, such as more frequent carpet cleanings. If you would like to request cleaning beyond what is listed here, please submit a work order.