Frequently Asked Questions

Capital Projects

What is a capital project?

We consider a capital project to be any new construction, expansion, renovation, or replacement project. Such work goes beyond regular maintenance, for which you should instead submit a work order.

What does Capital Project Management do?

We obtain services for new construction and renovation projects at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, finding the best value for our clients while maintaining University standards. See our portfolio of recent projects.

How do I request a capital project?

After you determine how your department will fund the project, submit the Capital Project Request Form.

I have no experience in capital projects, just a general idea of what I need, so I am not sure what to ask for. Who can assist me to get a project started?

One of our project managers can meet with you to help you get started. Contact us to submit your inquiry.

Does Capital Project Management perform design and construction work?

Our project managers can perform feasibility and schematic design studies for small-scale, cosmetic renovations, though we typically contract architects or other consultants to address our clients' requests. Our staff members do not perform any construction work.

​Does Capital Project Management charge for its services?

Yes, our project management fee is six percent of the total project cost. If architectural services are also provided, the fee is 10 percent.

How are architects and engineers selected?

We select the architecture and engineering firms, and individuals within these firms, with experience in your type of project. We look for opportunities to bring new firms—especially those with minority-, women- and locally owned certification—into the process, and try to maintain relationships with firms that have served the University well in the past. Through a competitive request for proposals, we'll ask firms to respond to your project and scope. Interviews and references are highly valued in the selection process. Selection is primarily based on qualifications.

How are contractors selected?

We look for experienced contractors. We'll ask construction firms to respond to your specific design project and provide competitive pricing and a proposed project schedule. Qualifications, interviews, and references are important parts of our selection process.

Construction on Campus

How do I find out about construction work happening on campus?

See our current projects. To find out about work that may directly impact your space, sign up for our building-specific email lists.

Who do I call if I'm being disturbed by a construction project activity?

Call 212-305-HELP (4357), option 3, to report noise, dust, or other disturbance from construction. Keep in mind that cost constraints often make it necessary to schedule work at night and that all construction creates some noise.

Who do I call if I have a safety or health concern related to construction activity?

Contact the executive director of Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance immediately at; please provide as much detail as you can. In an emergency, call Public Safety at 212-305-7979 and 911.

Other CUIMC Facilities Issues

My space is experiencing issues related to maintenance or broken equipment. Whom do I contact?

If this is an urgent request that may create a safety hazard, call 212-305-HELP (4357), option 3. Otherwise, please submit a work order.

I have noticed that certain public areas need touching up or refreshing. Whom do I contact?

The Construction and Refresh Effort (CARE) Crew refreshes and renovates all public corridors, lobbies, stairs, and restrooms on campus.