Rates for Chargeable Services

We provide many services to our community at no direct cost, including basic custodial, maintenance, and repair work in public spaces and common areas.

We also offer supplemental chargeable services for requests outside our routine campus management. Such requests may include assistance with moving, special custodial cleaning, and furniture rental and support for special events.

Fees include the cost of labor and materials, if applicable. There is a one-hour minimum labor charge for all requests.

If you need an estimate for chargeable work, please indicate this when you submit a work order. Keep in mind that it may take several days for us to prepare the estimate. You'll receive the estimate via email from our work order system. Once you receive this email, you have 30 calendar days to approve it. Work will begin only after you have approved the estimate. If you have not approved the estimate within 30 days, you must submit a new work order.

Labor Costs

Please use this table only as a reference. The actual cost of any chargeable request depends on several factors, including the time worked and the cost of materials required.

Type of Labor Hourly Rate*
Custodial, Laborer and Loading Dock $65
Standard Mechanic Rate (Painting, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, and Locksmith) $95
Specialized HVAC and Controls Mechanic Rate $100
Professional Engineer Rate $125


* Rates updated July 6, 2023