Air Conditioning and Heating

Non-Residential Spaces

HVAC and Environmental Controls

We provide all HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and EC (environmental controls) services to non-residential spaces at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. These services include:

  • Maintaining and repairing existing temperature control computer systems regulating central building and standard mechanical units
  • Maintaining controls network, building automation systems, and alarms
  • Repairing and maintaining building- or loop-dedicated compressed air systems
  • Monitoring temperature controls
  • Operating, maintaining, and repairing the following existing mechanical systems:
    • Central heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems
    • Public drinking fountain refrigeration units
    • Associated piping, filters, and ductwork


There is no charge for basic, common cost services to academic and administrative departments.

The following supplemental HVAC-EC services are chargeable:

  • Temperature control systems or environmental chambers ("walk-in boxes")
  • Supplemental, special purpose, or departmentally dedicated systems such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air compressors
  • Systems expanded or modified to accommodate changes in usage or load increases
  • Specialty units required to compensate for heat generated by specialty equipment (mainframe computers, etc.)
  • Window air-conditioning units and other standalone air conditioners not connected to the central plant

All supplemental HVAC-EC services are chargeable to the requesting department, and are charged based on an hourly rate plus the cost of materials.

Radiators and Heaters

Facilities Management provides repair and maintenance of water and steam radiators.

There is no charge for radiator and heater service and maintenance.

Residential Spaces

We oversee the heating systems for our residential properties. Air conditioning is building-dependent, with some buildings offering centralized air and others using window air conditioners.

Review which services are available in your residence and whether utilities cost is included in your billing.

An Important Note About Portable Space Heaters

Before you buy a space heater, read our fire safety policies.

Space heaters place high energy demands on a building and can be fire hazards. Before you buy or deploy a space heater, call us to request a heating assessment. If necessary, we will conduct an electrical evaluation to determine the appropriate size heater.

Only oil-filled, radiator type portable space heaters with no exposed heating elements are allowed on campus.