• Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance

    • We oversee fire safety procedures, programs, training, and equipment; emergency response and evacuation procedures and preparedness; and safety functions and accessibility requirements.
    A member of Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance checking out a construction site
  • Campus Operations

    • We oversee custodial services, material management, CUIMC parking operations, the mailroom, moving services, and waste disposal.
    A Facilities truck with a snow removal attachment.
  • Capital Project Management

    • We coordinate all activities related to the development of capital projects involving campus groups, buildings, architects, engineers, and related professional services; and various construction contractors and subcontractors.
    Glass facade of Alumni Auditorium
  • Facilities Engineering

    • We support building systems and utilities infrastructure. We oversee proactive improvements via capital infrastructure projects and all commissioning for engineering and capital projects as well as energy and sustainability initiatives.
    A stock image of engineering plans.
  • Faculty Club

    • We provide a daily buffet lunch in a friendly, relaxing environment in the VP&S building. We also run the student meal plan, and provides catering and event planning.
    Chocolate truffle cake with a slice of strawberry and mint
  • Finance and Administration

    • We provide finance, information technology, and human resources services for CUIMC Facilities Management and Campus Services. We also oversee CUIMC parking communications and billing.
    Man using a calculator and a spreadsheet
  • Office of Housing Services

    • We oversee seven residential buildings with more than 1,400 students, faculty, and post-doctoral residents.
    Towers and Vagelos Education Center
  • Public Safety

    • We preserve the safety and security of our campus.
    Public Safety officer on a bicycle.
  • Space Planning

    • We work closely with medical center leadership to identify ways to strategically and effectively utilize CUIMC's various space resources.
    empty library space
  • Strategic Communications

    • We oversee our division's strategic communications and marketing and work to increase the visibility of our activities. We also oversee central classroom scheduling and customer-centric initiatives, including the Customer Service Center.
    An illustration showing people at work among gears and pipes.