New Employee Checklist for Officers

Welcome to Our Team!

Use the checklist below to help you ease into your new role as an officer of Columbia University Irving Medical Center. You can also download this checklist (.pdf).

Questions about your onboarding? Contact your department administrator.

Not sure who your department administrator is? Contact your direct supervisor.

Your First Day

  • Meet with your direct supervisor
  • Receive your department's New Employee Handbook and/or Facilities Management & Campus Services Welcome Packet
  • Meet your team members
  • Tour facility, including restrooms, kitchen, mail rooms, conference rooms, office supplies, coffee and vending machines, water coolers, and emergency exits
  • Receive access to your office or workstation, including keys to restroom if necessary
  • Set up your computer or laptop with access to shared drives
  • Receive your CUIMC ID if you haven’t already

Your First Week

  • Review initial job assignments and training plans
  • Review job description and performance expectations and standards, job schedule, and hours
  • Review payroll timing, time cards if applicable, policies, and procedures
  • Meet other department staff and key personnel
  • Review key department, CUIMC, and University policies, including:
    • Anti-harassment
    • Confidentiality
    • Data security
    • Dress code
    • Email and internet access
    • Emergency personnel and emergency procedures
    • Family Medical Leave Act and leaves of absence
    • Holidays, vacation, and sick leave
    • Personal conduct standards
    • Performance reviews
    • Time and leave reporting

Your First Month