Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 - Oct. 15), several members of our division with Hispanic heritage share what they appreciate about their respective cultures as well as what it was like supporting the medical center during the pandemic.

Additionally, the CUIMC Latinx Employee Resource Group is hosting events to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. For more information about this group and other employee resource groups, please visit the CUIMC HR Staff Diversity & Inclusion webpage.


  • Noemi Bueno

    • Noemi is proud to be a part of the Office of Housing Services, and enjoys working with student residents from all over the world.
    Noemi Bueno
  • Robert Fabian

    • A familiar face on campus, Robert loves serving the CUIMC community.
    Robert Fabian
  • Nathalie Padilla

    • A former Washington Heights resident, Nathalie Padilla uses her role at Columbia to ensure she’s making a difference for her community.
    Nathalie Padilla
  • Santia Valerio

    • For Santia, a half-Jamaican and half-Dominican woman, it was important for her to pursue a career that would have impact and could benefit marginalized communities.
    Santia Valerio
  • Gloria Willson

    • Gloria is passionate not only about honoring her native Chilean culture but also about celebrating all of the cultures within the Latinx diaspora.
    Gloria Willson