VP&S Bldg. Elevator Modernization Project

In October 2022, we initiated an elevator modernization project to improve the reliability, function, and appearance of the elevators located in the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons Building. Once this multi-year, multi-phase project is complete, occupants and visitors will see major upgrades to the building’s elevator infrastructure and new interior cab designs.

Project Facts

  • Project Location: Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons Building
  • Project Scope: Seven elevators that service the building—including six passenger cars and one freight car—will be renovated to improve their reliability, functionality, and appearance.
  • Special Features and Highlights: 
    • Major upgrades to the building’s elevator infrastructure, including new controls, drives, wiring, cables, governors, and door operators
    • Renovated cab interiors
  • Contractor: Nouveau Elevator
  • Status: In progress

Project Updates

Phase 1: Car #13 (In Progress)

Beginning on Monday, October 3, 2022, we will begin phase one, in which elevator car #13 in the VP&S Building will be temporarily unavailable and will remain out of service through approximately late summer 2023.

  • During this time, please use the adjacent passenger cars for elevator service. 
  • While we conduct elevator upgrades, please expect longer than usual delays for passenger service. Please consider using the stairwells when possible to alleviate extra traffic and allow accessibility access to the remaining elevators.