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Need a service not in our directory? Contact us at 212-305-HELP (4357), option 3, or cumc.facilities@columbia.edu. For questions about residential spaces, contact the Office of Housing Services at 212-305-HELP (4357), option 2, or cumc.housing@columbia.edu.

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  • Our routine services include gardening and horticulture, litter and waste removal, general maintenance, and outdoor space management.



  • If you notice a washing machine, dryer, or card machine that is out of service, please submit a work order.

  • We replace and repair lights throughout the medical center.

  • We manage loading docks at the medical center and receive deliveries from various vendors.

  • We install, replace, and service locks and provide keys.



  • We provide utility service, like electricity and piping, to neutralizing tanks.


  • We provide painting services to all academic and administrative departments, as well as public spaces on campus.