Routine Maintenance

Our routine services include gardening and horticulture, litter and waste removal, general maintenance, and outdoor space management.

Gardening and Horticulture

  • Restore and maintain campus green spaces, including the selection; installation; and upkeep of trees, shrubs, flowers, bulbs, ground covers, and lawns
  • Implement plant health care programs, including fertilization, soil amendments, and pest and disease control
  • Maintain all trees, shrubs, lawns, and planting beds throughout the campus and its immediate surroundings
  • Maintain all outdoor irrigation systems

Litter and Waste Removal

  • Clean outdoor spaces such as sidewalks, walkways, paths, stairways, entrances, courtyards, and green spaces
  • Empty and maintain all outdoor recycling and trash receptacles
  • Remove "wet" (non-recyclable) waste from outdoor trash receptacles
  • Coordinate all scheduled and special pick-ups of waste compactors and containers

Winter Maintenance

  • Remove snow and ice from all campus and perimeter sidewalks

Your safety is our priority. During winter weather, if you notice icy patches or other unsafe walkways, report them to us by calling 212-305-HELP (4357), option 3. You can also keep yourself safe and protect your property by following these winter safety tips.


There is no charge for routine grounds maintenance.

Special Events

Special services for events include outdoor cleaning before, during, or after the event; supplying outdoor waste and recycling containers; supplying barrels for tents; roping off event space; and stand-by service.


There is a fee for groundskeeping services for special events. Fees are based on an hourly rate plus the cost of materials. If you expect more than 40 guests, you must submit a separate work order for post-event clean-up.

Read more about Event Support.