Administrative Policies

Canceling Housing

All residents who intend to cancel and vacate their room or apartment must complete an "Occupancy Agreement Cancellation Request" at least 30 days before moving out. You can access this form by clicking "Move-out" on the housing portal. Cancellation fees may apply. Residents who wish to cancel housing should also review our moving out details to help them navigate the process.

Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI)

A Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) is required for all CUIMC residents using a moving company to complete their move.

A COI shows proof of insurance coverage, which is necessary in case damage is caused during the move. Provided by the moving company's insurance company, a COI verifies that the company is insured and specifies conditions that the insurance will be used.


  • COI must be submitted at least 48 hours before your scheduled move-in/out date.
  • COI must be submitted via email to
    Subject line must readCOI: [resident street address and unit number] - [resident's name]
    • Example: COI: Towers 1, #1A - Jane Smith

The Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) should be completed individually for each entity as follows:

Certificate Holder:
The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York
[resident street address]
New York, NY [resident zip code]

Additional Insured:
The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York

A Minimum of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) for Each:
General, Aggregate, Personal & Advertising Injury, and Each Occurrence and Deliveries.
Workers' Compensation coverage must also be provided.

Description of Operation, Location, Vehicles & Special Items:
Resident's Name
Resident street address & unit number
Description of Work  

As a reminder, please reference our moving out information for a full list of details and next steps to navigate the process.

Entering Occupied Apartments

During reasonable hours and with reasonable notice, except in emergencies, CUIMC on-campus housing contracts and leases authorize Columbia to enter the unit to:

  • inspect the unit,
  • for health, safety or emergency reasons, or
  • to ensure that the resident remains in compliance with the terms of the housing agreement 

Vacant rooms in student apartment shares may also be shown to prospective residents during the superintendent's working hours; in such cases, the prospective resident would be accompanied by building staff.

In the event of an emergency, advance notice may not be provided. 

Housing Eligibility

Students enrolled at Columbia University Irving Medical Center are eligible for on-campus student housing. Interested students should review our information for prospective residents for full details and specific deadlines for the various CUIMC schools and programs. 

Students must be enrolled full-time in a housing-eligible program to remain in housing. Students who drop below full-time status must vacate within 30 days.

Part-Time Enrollment Eligibilty

Students may request an exception for part-time status once throughout their time in on-campus housing. Requests are reviewed on a rolling basis until the final deadline for each semester (indicated below), and at the end of each month thereafter. Decisions will be sent by email by the end of the month.

  • This request cannot be made during one’s first semester in housing. 
  • If a resident plans to be enrolled part-time during one’s final semester, the resident cannot request a one-time exception any other semester during the time in housing. 
  • An official request must be submitted regardless of the semester requested for the part-time enrollment exception. 
  • Residents must be enrolled for a minimum of six credits to be considered for the exception.
  • Requests are reviewed and decisions sent within two weeks of the submission deadlines indicated below.
  • Students approved for the one-time exception must be enrolled full-time in all future semesters in housing. Subsequent requests for a part-time exception will not be considered unless approved by the Office of Disability Services.

Submission Deadlines

  • Fall: August 15, November 1
  • Spring: December 15, March 1

Housing Inspections

Occupied units are inspected prior to the current resident's vacancy. Due to time constraints of preparing units for incoming residents, these inspections and assessments are performed throughout the year, generally within three months of move-out. Residents will be informed in advance when an inspection is scheduled. Each inspection typically takes 15 minutes and will be performed by a member of the Office of Housing Services staff. Apartment inspections are also performed to confirm compliance with Office of Housing Services and University policies.

During apartment inspections (whether routine, maintenance-related, or to confirm compliance with policy), building staff may need to take photos to record the results of the inspection. Examples when photos may be taken in occupied apartments:

  • During an inspection for Office of Housing Services or University policy compliance
  • When responding to a maintenance concern, to document an issue that needs to be repaired or requires follow-up (like a broken part, damage from a leak, etc.)
  • During a move-out inspection, to document the condition of the apartment, including common areas in occupied apartment shares

Members of the Office of Housing Services team are committed to protecting the privacy of its residents; when photos are taken, they will record only the results of the inspection, and the photos will be shared only with individuals directly involved in the case. Residents who wish to be present during an inspection should contact the Office of Housing Services to confirm an appointment. 

Leaves of Absences and Withdrawals

On-campus housing eligibility is dependent on full-time registration in an approved degree program. Student residents who take a leave of absence or withdraw from the University are no longer eligible for housing and are required to move out of housing within 30 days of their eligibility status change. Cancellation fees may apply. 

Students with exceptional health care needs resulting from critical, acute conditions, and who take a medical leave of absence, may request to remain in housing beyond the 30 day period offered by Office of Housing Services. Students should contact Disability Services prior to the start of their medical leave for information on how to apply for this accommodation. The Disability Housing Committee evaluates such requests on an individualized basis, and approval is not guaranteed.

To begin the process, you must complete an "Occupancy Agreement Cancellation Request" form. You can access this form by clicking "Move-out" on the housing portal.

Media and Filming

Filming is not permitted in CUIMC residential buildings, apartments, suites or any common areas.

Commercial filming, news, documentaries and student photography/film/video projects at some locations may be allowed only with prior approval by CUIMC Facilities Management and Campus Services. For more information, please contact

Members of the news media must adhere to the medical center's Interviews, Photography, Video, or Filming at CUIMC policy. To submit a request, email

Renewing a Housing Agreement

Student residents who live in Georgian Residence, 154 Haven Ave., or Towers 1, 2 or 3 who will continue academic work at CUIMC are eligible to renew their occupancy agreement and maintain their current housing accommodation. Students who live in Bard Hall or Georgian Residence who will be enrolled in academic work for the summer at CUIMC can apply for summer housing. Applications are available in March at the Office of Housing Services, with an April deadline. Room renewal begins in April/May and information will be sent to your Columbia email address. Students will sign into the housing portal to request the room renewal and sign all necessary documents.  Students should anticipate a rent increase of 2% to 3% with their room renewal.  

Students who live in 50 Haven Ave. are eligible to retain housing there for a future accommodation.  In addition, 50 Haven Ave. student residents can participate in the 50 Haven Ave. to Towers lottery process, which begins in March. Information on the renewal process--including important deadlines--will be sent to your Columbia email address. 

Rent Billing and Payments

Student Financial Services, in conjunction with the Office of Housing Services, handles your housing billing. Housing charges are billed monthly to your student account. Payment for each month is due on the date listed on the bill where the housing charge appears.

When a new student account statement is released and ready to view and/or pay online, you will receive an email via your Columbia University email account. The University does not mail paper bills.

If you have questions regarding room charges, payments, and account balance, contact Student Financial Services, in conjunction with the Office of Housing Services, is available to help by calling 212-342-4790.

390 Fort Washington 

Rent is due by the first of the month for 390 Fort Washington. If you are unable to pay on time and in full by the first, contact Jeffrey Schnepf, Office of the Controller, at or 212-854-1077.

  • The Office of the Controller will mail you a paper bill statement each month.
  • The Office of the Controller will only accept personal checks from the tenant of record.
  • Payments can be made via check, money order, certified bank check, or electronically generated checks drawn only from your account (set up is done through your bank).

Short-Term Housing Extensions

Office of Housing Services understands many students need flexible options when it comes to extending their time in housing. Office of Housing Services offers short-term extension options (up to 30 days) to all student residents whose housing agreements end in May, whether or not they are graduating. Please contact the Office of Housing Services at about short term housing extension options. If approved, students will be responsible for the prorated rent during the extension until you officially move out and return your keys. 

Transferring Housing Assignments

Students may request a housing transfer during the academic year to a new housing accommodation.