Occupancy Agreement Renewal

 All occupancy agreements end on May 31, 2024. Current occupants who are eligible and wish to renew for the June 1, 2024 - May 31, 2025 housing period will be placed in priority groups to select and confirm their housing. The housing renewal process will be divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1: Application
  • Phase 2: Placement

Current occupants will have the following options to indicate their return-to-housing plans for next year:

  • Group 1: Stay in the same bedroom in the same apartment/building (this is the most common renewal method)
  • Group 2: Move to a different bedroom in the same apartment (based on unit availability, bedroom will be in the same condition left by the previous occupant, "as-is")*
  • Group 3: Move to a different apartment (or room for 50 Haven residents) (not guaranteed) * / **

Occupants are only able to choose one of the above methods. Selection times for group 2 and 3 are generated randomly. 

*If you select a new apartment, it may not be available immediately on June 1, 2024 due to cleaning and turnaround logistics. The Office of Housing Services will reach out to you once a move-in range of dates has been identified and will coordinate your specific move date.

**Once we receive all renewal applications March 1, we will determine demand and availability for room changes. If demand exceeds available space, we will perform a lottery to determine who will be approved to change apartments/rooms. We will notify students the result of the lottery by March 15. If you don't get approved to move, you will be able to renew to your same space or decide to cancel your application (without penalty) and move off-campus.


All Occupancy Agreements are binding beginning May 1, 2024. If you cancel your agreement after May 1, 2024, you will incur a $1,750 breakage fee unless you graduate, withdraw, or take a leave of absence.

Phase 1: Application (February 1 - March 1)

February 1, 2024: Housing Application and Intent Process is available for students to reserve housing for 2024-2025 year or declare their intent to not renew. Additionally, applicants can search and request for potential suitemates. To access the housing application or the intent to not renew, please visit the CUIMC Housing Portal

March 1, 2024: Housing Application or Intent to Not Renew due from all student currently living on-campus.

Phase 2: Placement (March 20 - March 31)

March 18-March 21: Students renewing to the same bedroom in the same apartment confirm placement and e-signs agreement and paperwork (Group 1).

March 25-March 26: Students renewing to a different bedroom in the same apartment select placement and e-signs agreement and paperwork (Group 2).

March 27-March 29: Students renewing to a different apartment or couples housing, access times will be provided to students to select placement and e-signs agreement and paperwork (Group 3).

It is important to be mindful of the phase 2 selection windows so that you don’t miss the opportunity to renew to your same apartment or find a new apartment that may be a better fit. 

Suitemate Groups & Requests*

Finding a compatible suitemate is key to creating a stress-free and enjoyable living environment. During the housing application, all applicants completed a suitemate profile.

After submitting your application and before selecting your housing, you are able to create a suitemate group to facilitate finding a compatible suitemate.

Below you will find available tools to assist with this process.

  • Create a Group: You are able to create a suitemate group and you can invite individuals to join your group.  This is used when you want to request specific people in your group.  A group leader will create a group name and share the name with the other members.  The other members will navigate to this page and click on "join group" and will enter the name of the group that was created by the group leader.   
  • Join a Group: If someone has invited you to join a group, you can add yourself to the group by inputting the name of the group. 
  • Suggest Suitemates by Match: You may want to see what potential suitemates are in the applicant pool based on matching to your profile questionnaire. 
  • Manage Requests: Any incoming or outgoing suitemate requests will show on this page at the bottom.  You are able to accept and decline them as necessary.    

* Deadline to form a Suitemate Group is March 1.

Please note: forming a suitemate group does NOT guarantee availability to house the group together.

Subletting and Summer GAP program


If you live in Tower 1, Tower 2, Tower 3, 154 Haven Ave or Georgian Residence., you can sublet your apartment during the summer months and guarantee that your housing is available upon your return. View our Subletting at CUIMC page for additional details. 

Summer GAP program

50 Haven Ave residents ae able to participate in our Summer GAP program which allows you to fully vacate your 50 Haven space over the summer and return to on-campus housing in the Fall, avoiding any summer charges. Students must fully vacate their space by May 31 and can return to their fall space on a date of their choosing between August 1 and September 10.  Additional details will be emailed to 50 Haven residents during the month of February. 

Sample Occupancy Agreement

For your convenience, a sample copy of the 2024-2025 is available for download and review. Students will e-sign this agreement after completing Phase 2 of the Application & Placement process.  

Download 2024-2025 Occupancy Agreement