Subletting at CUIMC

Taking time away from campus to pursue fieldwork or research? If you live in Tower 1, Tower 2, Tower 3, or 154 Haven Ave., you can sublet your apartment and guarantee that your housing is available upon your return.

Housing can only be sublet to full-time CUIMC affiliates. If you live in 50 Haven Ave. or Georgian Residence, you cannot sublet your space.

Are You Eligible to Sublet Your Space?

If you want to sublet your Columbia University Irving Medical Center housing space, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a full-time affiliate of CUIMC and hold a University occupancy agreement.
  • You will be participating in approved academic fieldwork or research outside the metropolitan area
    or you will be away from the medical center during the summer or intersession vacation when you are not registered for classes.
  • You will resume residence of your apartment at the expiration of this sublet period for a minimum of one semester.
  • You are up to date with your monthly rental payments.

Who can be a Subtenant?

  • A subtenant must be affiliated with CUIMC during the time they will be staying in the sublet space. This can include visiting scholars, visiting graduate students, summer student employee, visiting researcher, CUIMC summer graduate student, etc.
  • In apartment shares, where students are sharing a living space with other students, we require that students sublet only to a subtenant of the same gender as the tenant. For example, a male tenant may only sublet to another male, and a female only to another female. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • A subtenant CANNOT be a current full-time faculty or staff member. 

How Do You Sublet Your Space?

If you want to sublet your apartment during the summer, notify the Office of Housing Services following the instructions below at least 30 days before June 1

Download an application to sublet your apartment (.pdf) and submit it via email at Allow one week for your application to be processed and approved. We'll email you notifying you of your approval or if you need to submit further documentation.

As the tenant of record, you will remain liable for the payment of rent and compliance with other terms and conditions of your lease during the sublet period.

If you sublet without our written consent, you will be subject to legal action.

Advertising Your Sublet

We can assist you in your search for a tenant. Email us at with all the relevant information regarding your sublet. We'll email it to anyone who requests our latest sublet list.

Before Your Subtenant Arrives

Secure a guest pass for your subtenant from the Office of Housing Services before his or her arrival. Access to CUIMC residences will not be granted without the guest pass.

Searching for a Sublet?

Email us at for a list of available sublets.