Moving Out

Like moving in, moving out of your accommodations can be a stressful process. Review the information below to help make your it as easy as possible. Contact us at or 212-305-4357, option 2 if you have any questions.

Moving Out at Graduation

Moving out at Graduation

  • You must move out by the last day of the month in which you graduate.
  • Information will be sent via email approximately 30-days prior to your anticipated graduation date.
  • Once informed, you will sign-up for a move-out appointment and learn about the process by clicking "Move-out" on the housing portal

Matching at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center

If you are a May graduate who currently lives in on-campus housing and matched as a resident of NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, you can apply to continue living in CUIMC housing. You must notify the Office of Housing Service via email once you have been confirmed as a matched resident.

Matched medical students who are already living in housing may stay in the same apartment for the additional year or request to transfer through the Occupancy Agreement renewal process. All residents must be in compliance with the terms and conditions of the occupancy agreement. This continuation is offered for a maximum of one year.


Moving Out at Any Other Time

Moving Out at Any Other Time

All students and residents who intend to vacate their room or apartment at any other time must complete an "Occupancy Agreement Cancellation Request" at least 30 days before moving out. You can access this form by clicking "Move-out" on the housing portal

Contact the Office of Housing Services for questions about any applicable cancellation fees.

Postdoctoral Research Fellows and Scientists

Postdocs residing at 390 Fort Washington Ave must complete a Notice of Vacancy at least 30 days before moving out

Moving Out To-Do List

  1. Remove all personal belongings from your unit. Any items left behind will be discarded and a fee will be applied to your account.
  2. For furnished units: Return furniture to original locations.
    For unfurnished Units: Remove all personal belongings, including furniture.
  3. Leave unit clean:
    • Empty refrigerator and cabinets.
    • Remove all trash.
    • Sweep all floors.
  4. For Microfridge renters: Students are responsible for returning their microfridge unit clean and defrosted. There is a $50.00 cleaning charge for units not returned cleaned and a $500.00 damage charge for units that have been damaged or not working properly upon moving out.
  5. Make sure you cancel any services in your name, such as ConEdison, telephone, and cable TV.
  6. Return your keys to the Tower 1 (60 Haven Ave.) door attendant.
  7. Vacate by the last day of your lease or incur penalties.

A charge may be applied to your account if the above conditions are not met.

When moving out, you can borrow a hand-truck or dolly from the door attendants in Towers 1, 2, and 3. You must provide a CUIMC ID. While door attendants in other buildings cannot offer this resource, residents of other buildings are welcome to request a hand-truck or dolly at Towers 1, 2, and 3.

Moving Company Requirements

When using a moving company to move out of CUIMC housing, you must provide the following to the Office of Housing Services:

  1. Copy of a certificate of insurance from an admitted insurance company. Admitted means filed with and subject to the laws and regulation of the state the company is admitted in. See an example.
  2. Confirmation of auto and general liability coverage with minimum liability limits of $2 million
  3. Confirmation of worker’s compensation coverage
  4. The certificate of insurance should also name the Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York as an additional insured.

Send a copy of the certificate of insurance to at least two business days before your move-out date.

You are responsible for leaving the building and its premises in broom-clean condition and for removing boxes and other trash generated in the move.

Damages Upon Move-out

After you move out, your bedroom will be inspected for damages. The cost of repairing any damages beyond normal wear and tear, or replacing any missing appliances or furniture, will be charged to your University SSOL account. 

Mail Forwarding

Remember to update your address with all your service providers, such as your bank and, before you move out. A change of address must be filed with the U.S. Postal Service to ensure your mail will be forwarded. All mail will be returned to sender once you move out.


CUIMC does not provide storage. The storage companies listed below are recommended by the Morningside Campus:

The Office of Housing Services is not affiliated with any of these companies and is providing this information solely for your convenience.