Couples Housing

You can apply for couples housing if you are married or in a domestic partnership and will be enrolled as a full-time student in a CUIMC school or program. We have one-bedroom apartments in the Towers, 154 Haven Ave., and Georgian Residence, depending on availability. Couples housing must be occupied by both the student and your spouse or domestic partner.

Verifying Couples Status

After you receive a housing assignment, you must provide documentation in order to qualify as a married couple or domestic partners. Domestic partners are defined as two individuals who live together in a long-term relationship of indefinite duration, have an exclusive commitment to each other’s welfare, and share financial obligations.

If you are married, a copy of your marriage certificate must be submitted. A New York City Affidavit of Domestic Partnership is also acceptable. If your state offers a domestic partnership affidavit, we can accept that in place of a New York City one.

If you are not married and cannot provide a domestic partnership affidavit, you'll need to submit the notarized Columbia University Designation of Partner form (.pdf) along with one of the following forms of proof:

  • A joint mortgage or lease
  • A designation of domestic partner as primary beneficiary for life insurance or retirement benefits
  • A designation of domestic partner as primary beneficiary in your will
  • Assignment of durable property or health care power of attorney to domestic partner
  • Document showing ownership of a joint bank account or joint credit card account

The documentation should be emailed to once you have accepted your couples housing offer. Falsely certifying status may result in disciplinary action.

Access ID for Your Partner

After you accept housing and send the verification paperwork to our office, we will request an ID card for your partner. We will notify your partner when they are able to visit the ID Card Office to pick-up an ID card that will provide access to the residential building(s). A temporary ID card will be provided upon check-in to you and your partner.

Sample Couples Apartments