Facilities and Equipment

Swimming pool at Bard Athletic Center

All areas of the Athletic Center are now open and accessible. Bathrooms, showers and lockers are available. The basketball court has been reopened for basketball activities (pick-up and intramural). The free weight area has also been reopened to maximum capacity. We have placed gym wipes by every workout station, please wipe down before and after use. * The Squash Court has reopened, to make a reservation call 212 304 7010. Reservations are made for the hour starting at 6am and for every hour after, there's a ten minute hold on the court, if you come in any later than the alloted ten minutes the court can be taken by another set of players. 

Locker Rooms, Restrooms, and Sauna (Basement L3)

Locker rooms include:

  • Bathroom stalls: Open
  • Showers: Open
  • Sauna: Open
  • Lockers: Open
  • Hand dryers and hair dryers: Temporarily Unavailable
  • Bathing suit dryers: Available   

Cardio Room (Basement L2)

Located on Basement Level 2, the Cardio Bridge has nine operational treadmills, six elliptical machines, six AMT's, two open spin cycles and a one individual Concept2 rower.

We do not have sign-ups per equipment so please be considerate to your fellow patrons and finish your workout in a timely manner specially if others are waiting. 

Free Weight Room (Basement L3)

Exercise room at Bard Athletics Center

Located at the far end of Basement Level 3, our free weight room offers a broad selection of free weights to target different muscle groups.  

Strength Training Room (Basement L3)

Weight room at Bard Athletics Center

The strength training room includes the following equipment, in addition to a water refill station (the water fountain will not be in service but you can still use the refill your water bottle function):   

· Glute extension  

· Seated leg curl  

· Leg extension  

· Leg press  

· Inner/outer thigh  

· Pull up/dip  

· Bicep/curl/triceps extension  

· Rear delt/pec fly  

· Pull down/seated row  

· Multi press  

· Lateral raise  

· Seated preacher curl bench  

· Rotary torso  

· Abdominal back extension