Inaugural 25 Years of Service Dinner Celebrates Dedication and Excellence

At Columbia University Irving Medical Center, tradition, hard work, and dedication are values we hold in high esteem. Earlier this fall, CUIMC Facilities Management and Student & Campus Services had the distinct honor of celebrating a group of exceptional individuals who exemplify these values. The inaugural “25 Years of Service Dinner” was a tribute to the unwavering commitment of our team members who have dedicated 25 years or more of continuous service to Columbia University.

CUIMC Facilities Management & Student and Campus Services Inaugural 25 Years of Service Dinner

The event, which took place at the Vagelos Education Center, was attended by colleagues and guests who came together to acknowledge and express their gratitude to these remarkable individuals. The room was filled with warmth, camaraderie, and applause as we celebrated the service milestones of these long-standing members of the various teams comprising the Facilities Management and Student & Campus Services divisions.

The event began with a warm welcome from Neil McClure, chief human resources officer, and Wil McKoy, senior vice president and chief financial officer, who both emphasized the honorees’ dedication to maintaining a safe, efficient, and comfortable environment and providing critical services for CUIMC students, faculty, staff, and patients have been instrumental in CUIMC’s success.

The event also featured a delicious dinner by the Faculty Club and live entertainment, creating a warm and festive atmosphere that made the evening even more memorable. The 25 Years of Service Dinner celebrated the remarkable contributions of our team members while also underscoring the importance of commitment, teamwork, and a shared sense of purpose in our organization’s success.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the honorees and express our deep appreciation for their extraordinary dedication and service. We look forward to many more years of continued success with their invaluable contributions. Their legacy will continue to inspire us all, reminding us of the values that underpin CUIMC’s mission and vision.


  • Jasen R. Acevedo, Campus Operations
  • Ramon A. Acosta, Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library
  • Michael Alberto, The Faculty Club
  • Alfred Arce Jr., Facilities Engineering
  • Mbaye Beye, Campus Operations
  • Ansel Bowers, Department of Public Safety
  • Samuel Bracero, Campus Operations
  • Karla Buchting, Department of Public Safety
  • Noemi Bueno, Office of Housing Services
  • Jorge L. Carnero, Capital Project Management
  • Michael Choolfaian, Finance and Administration
  • Jose A. Colon, Campus Operations
  • Calvin M. Croal, Campus Operations
  • Juan C. Cruz, Facilities Engineering
  • Robert Dagstine, Office of Housing Services
  • Jared K. Davenport, Office of Housing Services
  • Maria J. Delgado, Space Planning
  • Mercedes Diaz, Campus Operations
  • John G. D’Onghia, Facilities Engineering
  • Julian D. Duarte, Office of Housing Services
  • Felicia I. Estrada, Campus Operations
  • Juan M. Falcon, Office of Housing Services
  • Alberto Fermin, Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library
  • Hector F. Fernandez, Facilities Engineering
  • Joseph Fernandez, Campus Operations
  • Marcos Garcia, Campus Operations
  • Pedro Genao, Facilities Engineering
  • Yrma M. Genao, Campus Operations
  • Mark Gershon, Department of Public Safety
  • Laila Ghahramani-Hands, Finance and Administration
  • Geoffrey L. Gillett Jr., Facilities Engineering
  • Laureano E. Guerra, Facilities Engineering
  • Mario Guzman, Office of Housing Services
  • Lily Hernandez, Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library
  • Manuel Javier, Campus Operations
  • Raymond M. Jimenez, Office of Housing Services
  • Wendy M. Jorge, Finance and Administration
  • Be Minh Khuu, Facilities Engineering
  • Francis I. Lantigua, Campus Operations
  • Thomas B. Leiner, Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library
  • Alejandro Liriano, Facilities Engineering
  • Norberto Lopez*, Facilities Engineering
  • Peter M. Lucchesi, Classroom Technology Support
  • Cedilio Maldonado, Facilities Engineering
  • Kevin J. Mcivor, Campus Operations
  • Nixon J. Mena, Office of Housing Services
  • Sylvester C. Nnadi, Campus Operations
  • Stephen E. Novak, Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library
  • Alroy H. S. Roberts, Facilities Engineering
  • Jeffrey W. Ross, Facilities Engineering
  • William R. Sanchez, Campus Operations
  • Radames Santiago, Campus Operations
  • Deborah A. Serrano, Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library
  • Arkadiy S. Shklyaver, Office of Housing Services
  • Victoria A. Sullivan, Office of Housing Services
  • Fernando Ivan Then, Campus Operations
  • Adalberto A. Then, Campus Operations
  • George Torres, Office of Housing Services
  • Diana Valentin, Campus Operations
  • Ana C. Vasquez, Campus Operations
  • Trevor J. Walsh, Facilities Engineering

* In memoriam