Contractor and Vendor Guidelines

We have resumed on-campus construction; essential and emergency construction on-campus also continues to take place.

To report contractor violations of the COVID-19 mandatory guidelines, please submit an incident report using our online COVID-19 Contractor Compliance Tracker.

University-wide Construction Guidelines

Columbia University has posted uniform COVID-19 construction guidelines on the Columbia University Purchasing website. Please refer to this site for the latest information on University-wide guidelines related to construction activities.

Visit the Columbia University Purchasing website

Contractor/Vendor Attestation

Columbia University is required as part of New York City’s reopening plan to screen personnel who enter and are currently working on campus in all CUIMC facilities (on and off-campus), including all contractors and vendors, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Effective immediately, all contractors and vendors must complete an online COVID-19 Contractor/Vendor attestation form daily before entering on-campus and off-campus facilities. In addition, each individual must complete an online daily self-symptom attestation formPaper forms are no longer accepted

How to Submit the Contractor/Vendor Attestation Form

Below are important updated instructions on how to access, download, complete, and submit the COVID-19 Contractor/Vendor Attestation form, including your unique username and password that you will need each day to submit the form. These updated instructions replace any prior process used to submit the daily self-attestation required by all new and existing contractors and vendors.

COVID-19 Attestation Form Submission:

  • Step 1: Visit:
    • Username: {name(at)}
    • Password: {000001234}
  • Step 2: Click on “Download COVID Attestation Template”
    • Follow the instructions (first tab) in the downloaded form to complete the COVID Contractor Attestation (second tab), and the Symptom Self-Check Form (third tab).
  • Step 3: Populate the file with the appropriate information
  • Step 4: Upload the file
    • Note: If you are submitting this attestation for multiple subcontractors, you can do so on the same day; however, a separate form should be submitted for each subcontractor if applicable.
  • Step 5:  Present your electronic (mobile device) or your printed copy attestation form confirmation to the security officer upon entry of any building to be granted access. 

Questions or concerns? Contact your Columbia University representative.

How to Submit the Self-Symptom Attestation Form

  • Step 1: Go to the link for CUIMC Facilities.
  • Step 2: Complete the form online, prior to arrival.
  • Step 3:  After submitting the form, print or screenshot your receipt.
  • Step 4: Present receipt upon request to enter CUIMC Facilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to submit the COVID-19 Contractor/Vendor Attestation form in Excel or pdf since a pdf can be signed?

  • A. You only need to submit the attestation form in Excel. When uploading the form, the system will only allow files in excel format to be uploaded.  We do NOT require a wet signature. It can be signed by typing the name of the person submitting the form in the signature line. 

Q. Can I submit the COVID-19 Contractor/Vendor Attestation form for a range of days for which I will be working on a project?

  • A.  No. The attestation form needs to be submitted daily listing all the contractor/vendor employees who completed and signed the Symptom Self-Check Status Form and are eligible (cleared) to work on campus for that day. When submitting the form, the system will only allow files dated during the day of submission to be uploaded.

Q.  Do I need to submit a different COVID-19 Contractor/Vendor Attestation form for subcontractors?

  • A.  Yes. A separate form should be submitted by the prime for each subcontractor if applicable.

Q.  Do I need to submit a different form for each project/work location?

  • A.  Only if it is requested by your project manager or your CU contact. The COVID-19 Contractor/Vendor Attestation form can be used for various project/work locations both on and off-campus for that day. If an employee will be working on different locations for the same day they should be listed once for every different location, they will be working at. Please enter the different project manager/CU contact names for each different location.

Q. There is only one Symptom Self-Check Status Form in the excel spreadsheet.  How can I submit this form for each employee?

  • A.  The Symptom Self-Check Status Form is a template with the most updated language that you can use. All contractor/vendor employees should complete and sign the Symptom Self-Check Status Form every day they work at any CU location. This form should be kept as part of the employer’s records and made available for review by the University upon request. The Symptom Self-Check forms do NOT need to be submitted daily.  

Q. How do I gain access to a University building?

  • A.  Once the Completed COVID-19 Contractor/Vendor Attestation Form is uploaded and submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation notification and all relevant CU offices will receive a copy electronically. In addition, a copy of the confirmation and the form should be printed and presented at the different Columbia University locations in order to gain access to the appropriate CU building.

Q. I have been submitting the Covid-19 Contractor/Vendor attestation form by email to a central email address and to all the project managers/CU contacts listed on the form for any day that work was performed in a CU building. Do I need to keep emailing the form?

  • A.  You do NOT need to send a separate email. The completed COVID-19 Contractor/Vendor Attestation form needs to be uploaded to the website link provided. Once submitted successfully, all relevant CU offices including the project manager(s)/CU contact(s) listed in the form will be notified via email at the email address you list on the form. 

Q. Can we upload the same excel spreadsheet or do we have to download a new one every day we have to submit a form?

  • A. You can use the same form as long as the version has not changed. The system will prompt you if the version has changed and at that point, you have to download the latest version. We do not anticipate this happening very often but guidelines as it relates to COVID-19 periodically change and have to be reflected on the attestation or self-check forms. You need to use the most updated form.