Furniture Rental

We rent out furniture such as tables, chairs, coat racks, and easels.

Submit your request​ at least two weeks in advance of the date needed to ensure that we'll have the equipment you require. Please include the date, time, and a diagram of the event layout if applicable.

Furniture Options

  • Tables
    • Rectangular
      • 6'x2' with seating capacity for 6 people
      • 8'x2' with seating capacity for 8 people
    • Round
      • 5' diameter, with seating capacity for 10 people
  • Chairs
    • Standard black plastic, hard seat
  • Easels
    • Tripod, 3' high
    • Poster (four legs), 4' high
  • Coat Rack
    • Single coat rack with double track, with 25 non-removable hangers per side
  • Direction Stand
    • Standard 5' high
  • Corkboard
    • Rectangular, 3' high x 6' wide


The fee for equipment rental varies by item and includes an hourly custodial rate for set-up and removal.

Furniture Repair

We do not repair furniture.

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