Safety Topic: General Fire Safety Rules

August 22, 2011

The following general fire safety rules apply to all Columbia University Medical Center building occupants:

-Remain calm at all times in an emergency.

-Keep all corridors and exit doors free of obstructions.

-Report immediately to the department of Facilities Management any electrical hazards such as sparks from fixtures and switches, blown fuses, overheated motors and shock tingle when electrical equipment is touched.

-Maintain a minimum of 18 inch clearance from top shelf storage.

-Never obstruct or use wedges to keep fire/smoke doors open.

-Know where the fire alarm pull boxes are in your work area.

-Know where the fire extinguishers are in your work area.

-Know the staircase nearest to your work area.

-Remember Smoking is prohibited on campus ...inside and outside!!

A fire/smoke condition is a RACE against time as fire spreads rapidly.

The letters of the key word R.A.C.E.serve as a guide for the appropriate action

to be taken in the event of a fire or smoke condition.

RESCUE: Rescue or remove all persons in immediate danger.

ALARM: Dial “911” and activate the nearest manual pull station (strategically located near exits).

CONFINE: Confine the fire by closing all doors and windows.

EXTINGUISH/ EVACUATE: Extinguish the fire by using the nearest fire extinguisher ONLY if there is no threat to you. Evacuate via the nearest means of egress.


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