Regulated Medical Waste

We provide medical waste removal to all academic departments, with strict adherence to Occupational Safety and Health Administration and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regulations regarding the handling and disposal of regulated medical waste (RMW). Learn more about regulated medical waste policies.

Place all RMW in a gray T-B02 container in a designated location on your floor. Any item contaminated with biological waste should also be placed in a fiber drum container. Facilities Management and Campus Services then collects RMW in a central location for removal by Stericycle, our medical waste disposal vendor.

The FDA recommends that you place used needles and other sharps in FDA-cleared sharps disposal containers immediately after use. We can pick up and dispose of sharps containers at your request.


There is no charge for medical waste removal or for removing sharps containers. To arrange for a special pick up, submit a work order online.