Workplace Accident Reporting

August 2022 Safety Topic

August 1, 2022

Whenever a workplace accident occurs, it is crucial to report and document it immediately. Workplace accidents should be reported whenever an employee gets injured at work, becomes ill directly due to their job, and when a near-miss situation is identified.

Here are a few reasons why workplace accident reporting is so essential for our operations:

  • It helps to identify workplace risks so we can address them and prevent future accidents or injuries.
  • It increases perception of safety issues and minimizes the chances of similar occurrences taking place in the future.
  • It highlights needs for additional employee training.
  • If medical attention is necessary, it is ideal to act quickly to lessen the adverse and potentially long-term effects of an injury.
  • It helps raise awareness of hazards that are in the workplace.

Remember, there is no penalty when it comes to accident reporting. All employees should always feel comfortable reporting an accident to their supervisor whenever it occurs. Even if the accident is minor or if there is doubt that it qualifies as a work-related accident, it is better to go with the safe option and report it.

For more information or questions about workplace accident reporting, please speak with your supervisor or contact a Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance team member.