Time Management Tips for Tough Times

September 2020 Safety Topic

September 1, 2020

Time management has long been a challenge and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it more difficult. Here are some tips for getting a handle on things: 

  • Break up your day into intervals with short breaks between them. Experts say it can help your brain to know an end is in sight as you work. 
  • Multitask the right way. Multitasking can be effective if you plan the tasks you tackle at the same time. Physical chores (cooking or cleaning) can pair well with mental tasks (listening to music). 
  • Pre-plan your day. A lack of direction is a common time management drawback. To combat this, create a short list of about five tasks that you are going to achieve that day. Create a daily action list for tomorrow before the end of the day, so you can clear your mind and sleep better. 
  • Tackle tasks at the right time. Schedule brain-intensive work for when you’re most alert. Many are most productive in the late morning. If you’re not one of them, perform less demanding work during that time. 
  • Eliminate distractions. Our phones and other devices often mean nonstop notifications of email, texts, new social media posts, and breaking news. Turn off the phone for set periods of time to allow a necessary break from the disruptions while completing tasks, or just to have a break.

For more information or questions about time management, please speak with your supervisor or contact a member of the Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance team at 212.304.5572.