National Custodian Recognition Day


Did you know there's a National Custodian Day? It is commemorated on October 2nd every year and this year, Facilities Management celebrated our CUIMC custodial staff on Monday, October 3. The day is known by many names, including National Custodial Workers Recognition Day, Custodial Worker Day, National Janitor Day, National Custodian Appreciation Day, and Custodial Staff Appreciation Day, among others.

Custodians, janitors, housekeeping, whatever we might call them, they are the amazing people who keep CUIMC clean and operating smoothly. They work hard and often behind the scenes or after-hours. Custodial work can be easily overlooked and often goes unacknowledged. Their dedicated contributions are absolutely deserving of this kind of recognition and so much more.

Ways YOU can recognize the custodial workers around you.

  • Learn their names and get to know them.
  • Leave an occasional "Thank you" note.
  • Keep them in mind while planning staff events, not just as the cleaning crew, but as valued members of the whole team.


Did you know? (from

  • The word custodian comes from the Latin word 'custos', which translates as 'guardian'.
  • There are currently more than 1,440,000 custodians employed in America, 64.4% of those are men, and 35.6% are women.