Lithium Ion Battery Safety

Fire Safety Dispatch

In 2022, there were 216 fires in NYC linked to batteries resulting in 147 injuries and 6 deaths and as of Feb 2023, at least 30 fires, 40 injuries, and 2 deaths were caused by lithium-ion batteries.1

  • Columbia University currently bans e-scooters, hoverboards and similar devices from all housing buildings.
  • Charging a lithium ion powered personal vehicle is strictly prohibited in any CUIMC building.

Lithium-ion batteries are integral to many of the world’s commonly used rechargeable electronic devices, from smart phones, laptops and tablets, to scooters, bikes and electric cars. As they become more prevalent in the community, the need to address their risks and how to use them safely increases. CUIMC's Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance team put together a PDF resource with further information.



Please visit the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) website for additional consumer safety information on lithium ion battery safety.


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