Hammer Bldg. Advisory: Temporary Electrical Shutdown, Nov. 18, 6pm – 10pm

Affecting emergency power only

We will be conducting a temporary electrical shutdown that will affect emergency power in the Hammer Health Sciences Center from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday, November 18. Normal power outlets and overhead lighting in offices will not be affected and will continue to operate during the shutdown. 

The following services will be unavailable throughout the building during the temporary shutdown:

  • Emergency power outlets in all research spaces and laboratories
  • Network connectivity
  • Hallway and stairwell lighting
  • Chemical fume-hood ventilation system
  • Building Elevators

CUIMC Facilities Management representatives will be walking the floors to discuss the upcoming shutdown with building occupants and address any questions or concerns. Furthermore, before the loss of emergency power, an announcement will be made throughout the building. Representatives from CUIMC Facilities Management will be available during the shutdown in case any issues arise. For issues in laboratories during the temporary shutdown, please call Public Safety at 212-305-8100 and a mechanic will be dispatched to address the issue. 

Additionally, representatives from Cryostar will be onsite prior to the shutdown to assist laboratories with performing a controlled shutdown of -80 Freezers. In an effort to protect the freezer’s compressor from a surge in voltage upon re-activation of building power, CUIMC Facilities recommends shutting down critical equipment prior to the electrical shutdown and powering back on upon the completion of the shutdown. 

In preparation for the upcoming shutdown, please take the following precautionary steps before you leave on Friday:

  • Save all files and important documents.
  • Completely turn off all computers and laptops.
  • Turn off all other electronic devices and non-essential laboratory equipment.
  • Tightly seal all containers in fume hoods or remove and safely store them elsewhere in the lab.  
  • Shut off all gas valves servicing the fume hoods.
  • Keep all freezers, refrigerators, and environmental room doors closed and limit access. Typically, this equipment will maintain temperature for approximately four (4) hours. Do not place dry ice or cryogenic materials in cold rooms, as they can create a hazardous, oxygen-deficient atmosphere. If necessary, please relocate critical materials to unaffected freezers for the duration of the shutdown.

Laboratories are strongly encouraged to suspend all work involving hazardous materials for the duration of the shutdown. Fume hoods should not be used until they have been re-certified. Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) will be on-site on Monday, November 21st, beginning at 9 a.m., to re-certify the hoods.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this time. For any questions or concerns, please contact John Kakleas, senior project engineer, at jk3796@cumc.columbia.edu.