CUMC Holiday Season 2015 Fire Safety Guide

November 24, 2015

Take a few moments to review the following safety precautions to ensure a happy and safe holiday season for you, your family, your co-workers, and your neighbors:

  • University policy prohibits live holiday decorations—including live Christmas trees—in all University buildings.
  • Candles, oil lamps, incense, and other flame-producing items are strictly prohibited at the medical center.
  • When using artificial trees, follow the manufacturer's warnings regarding the use of electric lights. Lights on metal trees are not allowed.
  • Use ladders—not chairs, stepstools, or boxes—when installing decorations in high locations.
  • Securing decorations to fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, or other fire equipment is prohibited, as they could hamper their operation.
  • The use of extension cords is discouraged. If an extension cord is used, it must bear the UL-approved label and be of adequate wire gauge for the intended use. No frayed or broken cords may be used. Extension cords must be unplugged at night.
  • Electrical cords should not be run beneath rugs or across work surfaces. Make certain that cords are located so they do not become a tripping hazard.
  • Unplug decorative lights before leaving work and when the area is unoccupied. Use only low-temperature mini-lights that bear the UL-approved label.
  • Do not place artificial trees or other decorations in exit corridors, and never block emergency egress from any room.
  • As always, use caution and do not block any fire equipment.
  • Please remove decorations before leaving campus for the holidays.

If a fire should occur: Remember R.A.C.E.!

  • Rescue/alert everyone in area of fire.
  • Activate the building’s fire alarm. Call Public Safety (212-305-7979)
  • Close doors as you leave.
  • Evacuate the area or floor of fire origin.