Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

Gender-inclusive restroom signage features a gender-inclusive symbol as well as braille. The language reads "All Inclusive Restroom" and "This bathroom is for everyone."
This signage designates gender-inclusive restrooms on the medical center campus.

Columbia University Irving Medical Center's gender-inclusive restrooms are available to our community and guests.

For additional University resources for LGBTQ+ students and allies, see the Office of University Life's webpage on Inclusion and Diversity and the Student Health Service's resources for LGB students and for transgender students.

As we reinvent old spaces and build new ones, Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance and other departments are working together to identify additional gender-inclusive restrooms. Questions? Email Yvonne Wojcicki, executive director for Campus Life Safety and Regulatory Compliance, at

Map of Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

154 Haven Ave. Residence

  • 2nd Floor: Two gender-inclusive restrooms (right of room 203; opposite room 212)
  • 3rd Floor: Two gender-inclusive restrooms (opposite room 201A; opposite room 313)

Allan Rosenfield Building/Mailman School of Public Health
722 W. 168th St.

  • 5th Floor: Two gender-inclusive restrooms
  • 6th Floor: Two gender-inclusive restrooms
  • 8th Floor: Two gender-inclusive restrooms
  • 12th Floor: Two gender-inclusive restrooms
  • 13th Floor: Two gender-inclusive restrooms

Alumni Auditorium: Schaefer Awards Gallery
630 W. 168th St.

  • 1st Floor: One gender-inclusive restroom

50 Haven Ave.
50 Haven Avenue

  • 1st Floor: One gender-inclusive restroom

Georgian Building
617 West 168th Street

  • 2nd Floor: Human Resources Suite, One gender-inclusive restroom
    Please be advised, access to the area is only available during normal business hours, weekdays, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Hammer Health Sciences Center
701 West 168th Street.

  • 3rd Floor: One gender-inclusive restroom

Irving Cancer Research Center
1130 St. Nicholas Ave.

  • 1st Floor: Four gender-inclusive restrooms

Lasker Biomedical Research Building
3960 Broadway

  • 1st Floor: Two gender-inclusive restrooms

Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center
104 Haven Ave.

  • Basement: Two gender-inclusive restrooms
  • 2nd Floor: Two gender-inclusive restrooms
  • 10th Floor: Two gender-inclusive restrooms

Tower 1
60 Haven Ave.

  • 1st Floor: B1, Mailman School of Public Health/ICAP Offices.
    Please be advised, access to the area is only available during normal business hours.

Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons Building
630 West 168th St.

  • 1st Floor: One gender-inclusive restroom
  • 4th Floor: Two gender-inclusive restrooms next to Faculty Club
  • 16th Floor: One gender-inclusive restroom

William Black Building
650 West 168th St.

  • 17th Floor: One gender-inclusive restroom

School of Nursing

  • 2nd Floor: One gender-inclusive restroom
  • 3rd Floor: One gender-inclusive restroom
  • 7th Floor: One gender-inclusive bathroom