50 Haven Ave. to Towers Lottery

The 50 Haven Ave. to Towers Lottery is open to all current tenants of 50 Haven Ave. The process begins each March with an information session. Units become ready for move-in during the summer months.

How to Enter the Lottery

To participate in the 50 Haven Ave. to Towers Lottery, you must:

  • Hold a 50 Haven Ave. dorm housing contract
  • Be a full-time matriculated student enrolled at CUIMC
  • Be in good financial standing with the University
  • Maintain full-time status throughout the upcoming academic year

If you meet this criteria, here's how to enter the lottery:

  1. File for a lottery number: Fill out a paper application at the Office of Housing Services.
  2. Receive your lottery number: All lottery numbers will be posted in the Office of Housing Services, along with a list of available apartments. Numbers are non-transferable. Breaching the lottery process will result in disqualification.
  3. Apply for a specific unit type: Submit applications for groups of two or three in the Office of Housing Services. Applicant groups can be mixed gender. The groups must remain intact throughout the remainder of apartment selection process.
  4. View the available apartments: You will have the chance to view apartments available for selection, with the current tenants.
  5. Select your apartment: All groups and group members must be in attendance at the Office of Housing Services for the apartment selection event. If any students are not able to attend the selection event, they must fill out a proxy form. Forms must be given to group members in order to select an apartment on behalf of the absent student. A copy must also be submitted to the Office of Housing Services. If a member of a group does not attend the event and does not submit a proxy form, the group is removed from the lottery process by default.


  • Gas and electricity are not included in your rent charges. It is the responsibility of the students to set up an account with Con Edison once they sign their lease and to pay for these services.
  • Wi-Fi is provided by CUIMC IT throughout the Towers.

Sharing Responsibilities

Living with roommates can be a fulfilling experience, creating memories and enduring friendships. It can also be frustrating at times, as you balance work, school, studies, and fun with your responsibilities to the apartment. To help maintain a comfortable living situation, keep in mind that:

  • It is the responsibility of each individual tenant to make monthly rent payments for their room.
  • Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their bedrooms, and share responsibility with roommates for common areas.