Additional COVID-19 Resources

Check out the resources below for additional COVID-19-related information and updates for the Columbia University Irving Medical Center community.

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Contractor and Vendor Attestation

Columbia University is required as part of New York City’s reopening plan to screen personnel who enter and are currently working on campus, including all visitors, contractors, and vendors, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Effective immediately,  all contractors and vendors must complete an online COVID-19 Contractor attestation form daily before entering on campus and off campus facilities. Paper forms will not be accepted moving forward. Learn more.

Guests and Deliveries

Access for non-employees to any CUIMC space will be strictly limited.

  • Departments should establish notifications protocols for greeting outside guests.
  • Avoid bringing guests into any shared or common spaces.

All guests and delivery vendors should be approved and notified in advanced that they must wear appropriate PPE when entering any CUIMC building.

  • All guests and vendors should be registered by emailing at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Include the date/time and building/floor the visitor/vendor will be visiting as well who should be notified when they arrive, including a phone number.
  • All guests/vendors must have a valid government ID and be wearing proper PPE in order to enter any CUIMC building. Additionally, please ensure you fill out the Columbia University Health Screening Form prior to entering a Columbia building.

Personal Protective Equipment

As we resume additional activity on campus, the following guidelines on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are being provided to help employees, students and postdocs who have been working remotely, transition back to the workplace.

  • All personnel on Columbia property and in Columbia facilities must wear a face covering at all times. The only exception is when an individual is in a private office without any other person present and the door closed.

All Faculty, Staff, and Students

  • Every person needs to wear a face covering upon entering a CUIMC building.
  • Any individuals arriving at a CUIMC building entrance without a face covering will be provided a surgical mask at building entrances.
  • The distribution of surgical masks, as well as specialty PPE if required, will be managed at the department level. Information on departmental procurement of PPE is provided below.

Faculty and Staff Conducting Laboratory Research

  • In addition to wearing a face covering or surgical mask when on campus, all laboratory personnel must wear the PPE appropriate for the hazards of the specific laboratory research being performed.
  • These requirements should be described in each lab’s Laboratory Assessment Tool and Chemical Hygiene Plan (LATCH). 
  • Refer to Columbia University’s Personal Protective Equipment Policy for additional guidance and contact if EH&S assistance is required.

Faculty and Staff Conducting Clinical Research

  • Individuals who have direct interaction with research participants should use PPE consistent with guidance for clinical personnel involved in patient care.
  • N95 masks may be appropriate for interaction with clinical research participants if there is significant risk of aerosol or micro droplet exposure. Research groups should document in their manual of procedures the PPE that is appropriate.
  • Individuals who do not have direct interaction with research participants should follow the guidance for other research personnel not engaged in patient care. (See laboratory research section above)

Purchasing Process

  • Surgical masks and any specialized PPE will be purchased centrally via CU and secured at vendors partner’s warehouse.
  • Disinfectants (Wipes, Sanitizer, Spray) will be purchased centrally via CU and secured at vendors partners warehouse.
  • Facilities will provide an initial order of surgical masks for each department. Department administrators should coordinate orders for their departments and forward to Departments may then coordinate pick up of the initial orders at the loading bays for each building.
  • Schools, central units, and departments will place subsequent orders to the vendors against the central purchase order via ARC PO or P-card orders. Procurement will issue specific ordering instructions to include: items, vendors, pricing, and quantities.
  • Departments will receive PPE and/or disinfectants via direct destination delivery.
  • Departments will be responsible for incurring the cost of the PPE and/or disinfectants for their employees and students at the workplace (with the exception of the initial order).
  • Ambulatory clinical practices within ColumbiaDoctors, will continue to request PPE and disinfectants from the FPO.
  • Ambulatory clinical practices within College of Dental Medicine and School of Nursing will continue to request PPE and disinfectants from their respective schools.

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